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Bob's closs

Bob's Closs meadow is a species-rich wet grassland and is designated as a wild life site, situated behind the Charles Booth Centre.


The land is part and parcel of our Community Centre grounds which was bought by Charles Booth in the early 20th Centrury for the recreation of the residents of Thringstone and surrounding villages. Species rich grasslands are believed to be suffering the highest rate of decline of any habitat within Leicestershire.


The Closs  is managed with advice from The Leicestershire and Rutland Wild Life Trust and worked on by volunteers. We are aiming to improve access around the site. The improved access will enable school parties and anyone interested in wild life to study this fast diminishing habitat at close quarters.  


The site has a public foot path running through it therefore is always open, You enter The Closs from Drury Lane off Thringstone Green.

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